Review of the Year 2011: Photography

31 December 2011
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We had some serious trouble selecting our photographers of 2011– finding that within the studio we were all looking for some unique application for the most mercurial of media – commercial, experimental, documentary, whimsical, abstract, digitally manipulated etc, etc. And, as with most of our selections throughout this review, they would crop up in other categories so that we might as well list the photographers as artists, advertisers and designers too. Confusing, yes? Anyhow, here’s what we came up with…

She won the Taylor Wessing Photography Prize and guest posted late in the year (no big deal), Jooney Woodward definitely, definitely deserves big clicks, as does the ingenious immediacy of Brock Davis’ portfolio and the gradient loveliness of Eric Cahan’s Sky Series.

Jeremy Liebman

We love Jeremy. He was “our man in New York” when it came to taking portraits for Issue #6 and a conversation feature with frequent collaborator, Landon Metz in Issue #7 of the It’s Nice That magazine – great job he did too. His work is brightly lit, random and honest. When he strays into the more oblique line of photography and film he really catches your eye, and more often then not it’s something he’s done with Metz.

Ezra Shaw

Ezra’s impeccable capturing of the contortions on divers’ faces as they plummeted too fast for the audience to laugh at were a triumph of 2011. Before we saw them, we had mistakenly thought diving was a sport all about grace and strength, but these made us think again. The Getty photographer has had a magnificently productive year, his incredibly sharp eye that renders sporting action like still lifes.

Jason Nocito

For sheer excitement value, the work of the Jason Nocito is at the top of the pile of prolific, young, preternaturally talented photographers. His roster of musical/movie/beautiful people portraits is long, as is the set of portfolios that he has accumulated over the year. None of it feels diluted by how many there are, which just goes to show the demand and the extraordinary delivery of this one-man recorder of cool.

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