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Review of the Year 2013: The top 100 reaches the flirty thirties…

Next year I turn 30, a milestone I am ignoring while all around seem hellbent on reminding me. So it is with some personal resonance that we come to the 30s, 10 posts ranging from naughty bags to not one but two Wes Anderson videos. So eyes down, and get ready to marvel at another selection of creative belters…

40 – Bronia Stewart: Babe Station (July 11)


Bronia Stewart: Babe Station

Photographer Bronia Stewart’s behind-the-scenes look at adult TV channel Babe Station was a fascinating and touchingly human series which shunned sensationalism or salaciousness in favour of restrained and unglamorous reality. So intrigued were we that we asked Bronia to tell us more about the series at our Erotica themed Nicer Tuesdays.

39 – Bruce Mozert: Underwater Photography (March 7)


Bruce Mozert: Underwater Photography

When it comes to niche skills, underwater photography must be right up there, but in the 1950s if you wanted to create something submerged, you called Bruce Mozert. Using a camera he invented himself he took some bizarre, baffling but ultimate very beautiful shots over many years.

38 – Wes Anderson: The Grand Budapest Hotel (October 17)

Not only are there more Wes Anderson themed articles in this top 100, this is the first of two in just this selection of 10! No surprise though really; if It’s Nice That was made flesh we like to think it would basically be Sir Wes. This trailer for his new film went down a storm.

37 – WobbleWorks: 3Doodler (February 19)

One of the first Kickstarter campaigns we got behind this year was Wobble Works’ incredible pen that draws 3D sculptures, turning childhood daydreams into hold-in-your-hands reality. Of its $30,000 goal, $2.3 million was raised. No big deal.

36 – Tom Nagy: LEGO for WIRED UK (September 2)


Tom Nagy: LEGO for WIRED UK (Newly minted LEGO minifig heads. The figures first appeared in 1978.)

You’ve got to enjoy a photo series that leads us into the heart of a huge, internationally-renowned organisation that we all know and love. Tom Nagy’s amazing documenting of life behind-the-scenes at LEGO’s Danish HQ was the perfect mix of soaring warehouses and lovely personal touches.

35 – Chic & Artistic: Panto’N’Roll (February 5)


A simple idea, unfussy execution and a huge online hit. Creative duo Chic & Artistic took song titles with colours in them, matched up with appropriate Pantone colours and gave the whole thing a puntatsic title. Take a bow fellas.

34 – Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola: Prada Candy (March 27)

And as promised Wes Anderson mention number two in this article, and it comes in the form of a big-hitting collaboration for Prada. Forget everything you think you know about branded content; when it all comes down to it get two creatives of the calibre of Wes and Roman Coppola and let them do their thing.

33 – Ogilvy: Expedia Campaign (January 7)


Ogilvy: Expedia poster campaign

One of the earliest posts this year to make the top 100, 2013 was but a few days old when we came across Ogilvy’s exceptional work for Expedia. Using three letter airport codes to spell out travel related words and phrases is an idea that soars in its simplicity.

32 – Heidi Voet: Fruit & Vegetables (January 28)


Heidi Voet: Fruit & Vegetables

It shouldn’t be the case that creatives still need to produce work which highlights gender issues but it is, and Heidi Voet did something which was both funny and thought-provoking. Using perishable fruit and veg to complete naked images of women raised the idea of the way women are seen and treated by the mainstream media.

31 – Mother London: Uncarriable Bag (July 29)


Mother: Uncarriable Bags (Robber)

As a society we have an addiction to plastic bags which borders on the insane, despite many laudable attempts to wean us off them. Mother London decided to go all guns blazing with these Uncarriable Bags in fetching robber, junkie, sex addict and terrorist themes they tried to create something that consumers would have to reject.