We are charging towards the finish line in our top 100 list, with the thirties here already

28 December 2012

We’ve breached the top 50 and now we gallop steadfast and true, charging like the Light Brigade into a valley of sorts, only this valley is full of creative beauts aimed and readied to fire inspiration or merely trigger those locked up memories. So here it is coming at you!


The new Twitter logo

When Twitter completed a rebrand of their little blue bird logo, the web went all a-flutter proving that this brand was stepping up a gear and playing an ever increasing role in peoples lives. It led to quite a debate as to what it all meant and so we rounded up some of the reactions…


Benoit Paillé: Tourist Stranger Self Portraits

Ever been on a beach and realised that the human form, in general, has more wobbly bits and bobs than all the glossy mags would have you believe? Well, Benoit Paillé decided to capture the real picture of diverse beauty found on a Mexican beach and you lot lapped this one up like a hungry kitten.


Greenpeace: Arctic Ready

Ever the champions of bold action, Greenpeace took on an oil giant, spoofing a social campaign in a bid to subvert Shell’s environmental credentials ahead of the Arctic drilling programme. Powerful and very brave stuff.


Jeremy Wong: You Eat What You Touch

You know an advertising campaign will spark peoples interest when it involves a cupcake shaped as the cutest of hamsters and a pug dog shaped like a loaf of bread laying on a chopping board. And so it was with Jeremy Wong’s You Eat What You Touch campaign which is in at 37 after only a week on the site!


Chris Ware: Building Stories

There are two certainties with anything regarding Chris Ware. Firstly, whatever it is, it will almost certainly be bloody brilliant. Secondly, he’ll more than likely hate it. Regardless of that interesting little point, Building Stories was met at the studio on arrival with a collective gasp of astonishment and you all loved it too.


Psalt Design: Bubble Tank

Do you like goldfish? Do you like cool design? Well Psalt only ruddy well combined these two passions, creating a goldfish tank worthy of railings being built around it for people to worship from a respectful distance.

They’re a smart lot working away in Nike HQ and their Other London campaign is testament to this. After watching their rivals (Adidas) secure the multi-million pound sponsorship for the London Olympics, Nike set about to launch a campaign that coincided with the opening ceremony, thrusting every London in the world other than London UK into the spotlight in a bid to circumvent the draconian sponsorship rules.


DIS Magazine: Breast Dressed

Whether you love the fact DIS Magazine focussed their spring-inspired shoot on nothing more than rather large breasts, or feel a creeping sense of rage, Breast Dressed was certainly a challenging and provocative statement putting boobies in the front seat of fashion editorial, leaving us bewildered as to whether we should laugh or tut dismissively. 


Julian Charrierre and Julius Von Bismarcke: Some Pigeons Are More Equal Than Others

We’ve all seen those foraging little rats with wings, scurrying to and fro with one gnarly leg, pecking at things that don’t even remotely resemble food. Well the Venice Biennale was having none of that this year as two artists transformed the vermin into birds of paradise worthy of the most tropical rainforest with a lick of (non-harmful) paint.


Tomas Saraceno: On Space Time Foam

Rounding off this chunk, I’ll leave you with a warning: if you suffer with vertigo or contain aversions towards scientific learning, On Space Time Foam is not for you. If, however, you like your cosmos foamy and your thrill seeking thirst quenched by jumping out into voids, this is definitely up your garden path. Tomas Saraceno took one giant leap for interactive art building quantum physics into wan insane installation.

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