The top article countdown gathers pace with numbers 80 through 71

23 December 2012

Ah man the seventies. We loved the seventies. The clothes and the music! And those hairstyles. What were we thinking, and spacehoppers …what’s that? Not that kind of seventies? Oh, well this is awkward. Well let’s crack on with numbers 80 to 71 and pretend this embarrassing sountdwon faux pas NEVER happened. Deal? Good-o…


Ilona Szwarc: American Girls

I’ll be honest with you, this photographic project still freaks me out a bit. The series captured girls and their dolls with either a curious beauty, or a horror-movie fright night scream. It’s purely subjective, but I think these girls look as though they could slit your throat at any moment.


Lundgren Lindqvist: Yoshida Design identity

It’s almost January and that can only mean one thing – it’s nearly time to replenish your stationery stocks! I know it’s hard but please try to maintain composure while looking through the unadulterated stationery porn from the awesome Lundgren Lindqvist that got us a bit hot under the collar.

As we stagger into 2013, we all hope to have enough determination, passion and work ethic that seems to pour from Jon Contino’s very aura. His artistic, typographic brilliance was captured beautifully in this neat little film by Kevin Steen.

I think I speak for everyone at It’s Nice That when I say that there hasn’t been much this year that has tickled our tickle sticks quite as much as Melbourne Metro’s public safety campaign, Dumb Ways To Die. Wrapped up in wonderful humour and brilliant animation, this campaign still packs a punch and delivers its uncompromising message.


Neil Krug: Pulp Art Book Vol.2

Taking photographs of beautiful models is one thing, but twist the photographs in such a way as to create a kaleidoscope of psychedelic brilliance, garnish them with sunshine, nudity and finish with a sprinkling of vintage guns, and you’ll be somewhere close to Neil Krug’s work…


Build Lego & Google

2012 saw the iconic coloured blocks of joy go digital! Build was a project that saw the might of Lego and Google team up to create a digital platform of play fit for a 21st Century King.


Jack Hughes: The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails

There’s a certain atmosphere that surrounds any good cocktail bar and Jack Hughes nailed it with undeniable elegance. These were possibly the most stylish illustrations we saw in 2012, a year in which Jack’s stock shot up.


Shigeo Fukuda

Shigeo Fukuda died in 2009, but not before being lauded as “Japan’s consummate visual communicator” by none other than the Art Director’s Club Hall of Fame in 1987. One look at his work will tell you exactly why he has such a god-like status and showcasing his work on the site was a real treat.


John Crawford: Aerial Nudes

John Crawford and his wife are folks to admire. While she lays back in her birthday suit to star-fish in locations offering the most intriguing compositions, John gets busy photographing her from above. The results continue to be incredible!


Gaetano Pesce: River Table

Gaetano Pesce felt it was about time tables hosted more than just meals. We couldn’t agree more with this sentiment which is why we LOVED his tabled waterscapes. They have to be seen to be believed!

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