Studio Audience – Series Two, Episode Two with Full Secs, hate mail and art crimes

12 October 2012
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Oh hi again! It’s Nice That’s Studio Audience podcast is back for another irreverent look at the week’s cultural and artistic news. In this week’s instalment we’ve got a rookie cast in the form of It’s Nice That founder Will Hudson in the presenter’s chair, joined by director Alex Bec and editorial assistant James Cartwright. If you’re concerned that a gang of novices might not deliver 23 minutes of witty debate, don’t be – the guys smash it.

This week we wrestled with some pretty serious debates; like hate mail, death and five-second animations, not to mention the state of arts education and defacing priceless artefacts. We also took your advice on board and made efforts to improve the sound quality in our humble studio, converting it into an insulated den. Hopefully this has made some difference, but as ever we welcome your feedback. Onwards!

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Here’s the links you may need:

Section One:

We had a look at our favourite things on the site this week, that included Mr. Bingo’s hilarious Hate Mail, Studio Makgill’s impressive redesign of a funeral home for Icon’s Rethink feature and Animade’s open-call animation project Full Secs

Section Two:

We discussed the recent defacing of a £50m Mark Rothko painting at the Tate Modern and in the first year of £9,000 fees we found out whether any of the team would go back and study at such a high price.

The Best Thing We Saw This Week:

Here are those bleak beach scenes discussed by Alex.

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