Another catch-up with last year's grads, feat. Mia Porter, Doug Stewart and Sarah Maycock

10 May 2012

Here’s part two of our catch-up with the class of 2011 as part of The Graduates 2012, featuring Mia Porter, currently knocking on a year as a full-time graphic designer for Alisdhair Willis, Sarah Maycock who’s enjoyed a very exciting year as a freelance illustrator and Doug Stewart, soon to exhibit in New York and who’s just started a design position with HarrimanSteel…


The Graduates 2011: Catch-Up – Mia Porter

Mia Porter

After being featured on It’s Nice That, I was approached through Represent to go and work for Alasdhair Willis across his two companies, Announcement and The Anonymous Partner. I’m now settled into a flat in east London and into my role and have been lucky to have worked with some great clients since September including adidas, The Sydney Opera House, Veuve Clicquot and Stella McCartney Team GB.

I’m working on some really exciting projects at the moment that will roll out into the next year, so my aim is to keep exploring, learning, and enjoying the fact that I don’t know exactly what is next.
The Graduates 2011: Mia Porter


The Graduates 2011: Catch-Up – Sarah Maycock

Sarah Maycock

I have had an amazing year with the jobs I’ve had, with clients such as Saatchi, Imogen Heap, and The Times/David Attenborough/Eureka Magazine. The cherry on the top of a great year was being chosen to exhibit at Pick Me Up 2012. Packing and posting the life sized bear prints sold (above) was… character building. I’m definitely experiencing the reality of being a one-man band, having to do everything from sourcing packaging companies, to getting my head around contracts, and actually making the work somewhere in amongst that. Can’t complain though, it’s been bloody brilliant. 

To be honest I’m not completely sure what’s next. I’d quite like a nice flat with my own things in it, so I probably need to start putting some money aside. I want a studio where messy things stay at one end and paperwork lives at the other, because at the moment it’s all one and the same thing. I also really like the idea of having my own gallery space attached to where I work. I’d like a miniature Dachshund. And like a gold 1970s soft top Mercedes. Please.
The Graduates 2011: Sarah Maycock


The Graduates 2011: Catch-Up – Doug Stewart

Doug Stewart

After being featured here last year, I had an inevitable period of getting really excited about checking my emails and looking at dull 2D website statistics. But the reason I’ve used this image, is that I’ve been very fortunate in the opportunities I’ve been offered that have sprung from internet exposure over the past year. I’ve worked on some great projects, been featured in a book, and in a few different exhibitions (another opening in New York next month.) 

After I moved to London I started working at Aboud Creative where I had an internship, which led to about six months of freelance work. I worked on some ace projects with some great people. Then a few weeks ago, HarrimanSteel contacted me as they were looking for a new junior designer to join their team. And, as I’m writing this, I’ve just finished my first week in a full-time position here. So life is exciting right now and I’m looking forward to all the work I’ll be doing with HarrimanSteel in the future.
The Graduates 2011: Doug Stewart


We are delighted that once again top creative recruitment agency Represent has teamed up with us to support our search for the cream of this year’s crop. Represent Recruitment Limited help some of the worlds most talented graphic designers find new work. We work with designers at all levels, from Junior through to Executive Creative Director. Our business thrives through the networks we develop and our impeccable eye for great work. Formed in 2003 Represent operate out of offices and gallery space in London, EC1.

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