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Alex Bec

Alex joined as director in 2008 and oversees the commercial side of the business. Contact him to discuss working with us on sponsored content, commercial partnerships, media partnerships, commissioning work and Anyways creative consultancy.

  1. Franck Photography Franck Allais: The City
  2. Dice Product Design Suzy Lelievre
  3. Sensible Music Raquel Gomes: Twin Turbo
  4. Heavyd Music Heavy D & The Boyz: Mr. Big Stuff
  5. Still Music Dave Tree: Still
  6. Pd Exhibition Peter Davies
  7. Beyonce Music Adria Petty: Countdown
  8. Andreas Illustration Andreas Samuelsson
  9. Mattyoka Music Matt Yoka: Goodbye Bread
  10. Andrew_myers Art Andrew B. Myers
  11. Strange_boys Music Daniel Hill and Ryan Sambol: Me and You
  12. Gummy Miscellaneous Brock Davis: Gummy Bearskin Rug
  13. Trophy Music Joseph Keirs & Sef Tedder: Wolf
  14. Ulf_lundin Art Ulf Lundin: From Darkness
  15. Paul_smith Film Paul Smith: Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy
  16. Konrath Photography Andreas Laszlo Konrath: Back to Mystery City
  17. Cg Music Nathalie Canguilhem: Terrible Angels
  18. Kf Art Katharina Fritsch
  19. Boniver Music Nabil Elderkin: Holocene
  20. Alex Writing Things & People
  21. Mogollon Film Mogollon: Something is About to Happen
  22. Workwithus1 Miscellaneous Work With Us
  23. Girls Music Austin Rhodes: Vomit
  24. Mayer Music Henry DeMaio: A Long Time
  25. Janete Art Janet Echelman
  26. Thisisit Film This Is It: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
  27. Mm Art Matthew Monahan
  28. Parra_boonstra Music Parra & Mr.Boonstra: Put Your Gun Away
  29. Thetypography_workshop Graphic Design The Typography Workshop
  30. Wade Music Wade Shotter: Ankle Injuries
  31. Cotton_collection Fashion The Cotton Collection
  32. Carl_burgess Music Carl Burgess: Obsess
  33. Oscar Interactive Oscar Lhermitte: Urban Stargazing
  34. Sampilling Music Sam Pilling: Wildfire
  35. Leo Photography Leo Cackett
  36. Post Publication Post Magazine
  37. Bird Art Maurizio Bongiovanni
  38. 1948_home Architecture Nike 1948 Re-Opens Tonight
  39. Thebay Music David Wilson: The Bay
  40. Mememe Miscellaneous Tomas Hein: Me Me Me
  41. Eric_e Music Eric Epstein: Yes I Know
  42. Train Graphic Design Bureau Bruneau
  43. Justice Music Edouard Salier: Civilization
  44. Carolina Photography Jorge Luis Dieguez
  45. Gil Music Gil Scott-Heron
  46. Thefuture Film Miranda July: The Future
  47. Battles Music Canada: Ice Cream
  48. Beauty_home Writing Four Corners: Beauty is in the Street
  49. Horses Music Alex Southam: Hearts
  50. Hz_z Architecture Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel
  51. Ben_home Graphic Design Ben Drury
  52. Eyes Graphic Design Fizzz Bzzzz!
  53. Lykke Music Tarik Saleh: Sadness is a Blessing
  54. Listed_lido Miscellaneous Listed Theatre
  55. Make_up Graphic Design Pure Magenta Updates
  56. Home Film Tom Darracott
  57. Jordan_kim Music Jordan Kim: Close to Me
  58. Brahms Photography Steven Brahms: Bliss Witness
  59. Kkoutlet_plate_home Miscellaneous The (Creative) Royal Wedding
  60. Star_player Miscellaneous AKQA: Heineken Star Player
  61. Scan_lab Miscellaneous ScanLAB Projects
  62. Rome Music Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi: Rome Album
  63. Shirts Graphic Design Aurelien Arnaud
  64. Thursday Animation Matthias Hoegg: Thursday
  65. Home Graphic Design Hat-trick design: 50 Years of the RSC
  66. Spike_lil Music Spike Jonze Presents: Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma
  67. Filed_under Publication Filed Under
  68. Mads Photography Mads Perch Updates
  69. Home Miscellaneous Micronations Revolution
  70. Tune Music Mimi Cave: Bizness
  71. Blue Graphic Design Blue Bushell: Data Designed for Everyday Decisions
  72. Ivana Illustration Ivana Zorn
  73. Ben_rayner Photography Ben Rayner
  74. Wills Music Will Sweeney: The Game
  75. Lee_m Photography Lee Mawdsley Updates
  76. Do_lectures Web The Do Lectures 2011
  77. Katrin Miscellaneous Katrin Rodegast
  78. Home Exhibition Kate MccGwire & Alice Anderson: Bound
  79. Home Fashion Limited Editions for It's Nice That with ASOS
  80. Fonda Music Lorenzo Fonda: The Look