James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and came back in summer of 2012 to work online and latterly as Print Editor, before leaving in May 2015.

  1. List Publication A riveting trilogy of folk photography from James Pearson-Howes
  2. List Illustration Daniel Clarke's got tonnes of new work and a show on to boot!
  3. List Publication Haw-Lin Services keep things fresh with new F/W 14 lookbook
  4. Pp-preorder-list Publication Pre-order your copy of Printed Pages Autumn 2014 now!
  5. List The List Looking back over the life of designer Deborah Sussman
  6. List Graphic Design Vincent Vrints produces impeccable work while at Studio Dumbar
  7. Ceramics_list_ Product Design Functional 3D-printed ceramics from Olivier Van Herpt
  8. List Behind The Scenes James Bollen discusses his stunning photographic project about J.G. Ballard
  9. List-2 Publication Pentagram's design for Circular 18 puts type centre stage
  10. List Art Selma Alaçam embroiders song lyrics on to Turkish rugs
  11. Main3 Photography Incredible shots of high school sports teams from Stephanie Noritz
  12. List Graphic Design Mathias Schweizer's abstract experiments show off an unusual process
  13. Kok-list Photography Youthful hedonism and an extreme case of sunburn from Brian Pescador
  14. Opinion-list Opinion Was this Italian gallery right in removing the Chapman brothers' work?
  15. List Art Extraordinary sculptures and paintings from artist Lee Marshall
  16. List Illustration Stunning new updates from the ever-charming Ryan Gillett
  17. List Graphic Design Catching up with Tracy Ma, the graphic future of Businessweek
  18. List Music Peace terrorise a family in Ninian Doff's latest music video
  19. List Graphic Design Roosje Klap and Mathias Schweizer's "graphic sex cadavre-exquis"
  20. List Graphic Design Stunning textural graphic design from Dutch creative Suzanne Bakkum
  21. List Opinion James Cartwright and Rob Alderson debate Fabrice Le Nezet's fake project
  22. List Music Woah! Exclusive interviews with Michel Gondry to celebrate XL Recordings launch!
  23. List Product Design Dean Brown takes thousands of metres of wool and makes it look incredible
  24. List Exhibition Dutch group show makes prints from the surrealists' exquisite corps technique
  25. List Graphic Design Fine art and graphic design combine in the remarkable work of Koos Breen
  26. List Art Atelier Bingo never fail to charm us with their absolutely beautiful work
  27. List Furniture Design Moving Mountains are making furniture that's sure to make you drool
  28. List Graphic Design See what genius Braulio Amado has been cooking up at Bloomberg Businessweek
  29. List Film Hans Lo and Jack Featherstone create a psychedelic epic for Simian Mobile Disco
  30. List Behind The Scenes Dan Woodger works slavishly to create 1000 brilliant emoji in over 1000 hours!
  31. List Graphic Design Robin Van Wijk's got some stunning pieces of print under his belt
  32. List Art Simon Monk traps Batman forever in his hyper-real paintings
  33. List Photography On the track and into the mountains with fantastic photographer Sam Bradley
  34. List Photography Rapha celebrate ten years by re-releasing a stunning book of cycling photography
  35. List Graphic Design Julian Sirre's making futuristic design, and we're loving it
  36. Main9 Art Bryan Olson has become our favourite collage artist for his psychedelic scenes
  37. List Photography Mad Max-esque shots of the Australian outback from Wouter Van de Voorde
  38. List Graphic Design Broos Stoffels makes beautiful posters and fantastical drawing machines
  39. List Photography Manuel Vazquez traps his subjects in patterned pockets of light
  40. List Advertising ManvsMachine show off Nike's Mercurial Superfly in glorious 3D style
  41. List Photography Benedict Redgrove explains his desire to make work out in the wilderness
  42. Main9 Publication Waska Tatay explores the rites and rituals of Bolivian witchcraft and pagan practice
  43. List Graphic Design DesignStudio rebrand Airbnb as an immersive online community
  44. List Photography Annie Collinge documents the weird and wonderful goths of Whitby
  45. Tris The Graduates 2014 Stunning photographs and lovely ideas from our next Graduate Tristan Cluett
  46. List Exhibition Richard Woods decks out a rural gallery in his signature style
  47. Hannah The Graduates 2014 Hannah Burton shows off some impeccable photographic skills in her portfolio of portraits
  48. List Graphic Design Stunning psychedelic posters from Dutch illustrator/genius Eline Van Dam
  49. Tool-list My Favourite Music Video Hans Lo chooses Tool's wonderfully creepy video for Sober
  50. List Behind The Scenes Erik Brandt talks us through the first year of the excellent Ficciones Typografika
  51. Main The List A look at our favourite creative projects from the Tour de France so far
  52. Main1 Graphic Design We talk to Jamie Keenan about Turd Theory and designing exceptional book covers
  53. List Graphic Design Fantastic design for New York magazine by the exceptionally talented Karishma Sheth
  54. List Illustration Anders Nilsen takes on giant corporations with a new comic and one free drawing at a time
  55. List Opinion The V&A have started a collection of key pop culture items, but is this a good idea?
  56. List Product Design Studio Swine take us behind the scenes of the world's human hair industry
  57. List Photography Cait Oppermann revisits her childhood by photographing a mall ready for demolition
  58. List Film Beautiful time-lapse of a giant collaborative drawing from Aleksandra Mir's solo show
  59. List Illustration Is there no end to the talents of illustrator Joe Cruz? Probably not, no
  60. List-2 Film The Rapha Continental is the perfect, leisurely introduction to this year's Tour de France
  61. List Exhibition Strange new show imagines snakes with legs and a dolphin-surfing priest
  62. List Publication Grace Wilson's Eyes Peeled is a fantastically honest examination of her daily life
  63. List Graphic Design Michael Bierut and his Pentagram team unite Penguin and Random House
  64. Rob The Graduates 2014 Meet Rob Headley, the third of our Graduates and one heck of a talented young designer
  65. List Illustration He's taking a break but Tomer Hanuka is still one of the best illustrators out there
  66. List Photography Kuba Ryniewicz travels the world in search of perfect snapshots
  67. Main Fashion Martin Zähringer gets to know the most exciting new models on new site Is In Town
  68. List Illustration Stunning new concertina book from the illustrious Benjamin Courtault
  69. List Photography Jonny Seymour captures Roman Catholic fervour with extraordinary skill
  70. List Graphic Design Beautifully-crafted posters from Slovakian designer Martin Groch
  71. Main Illustration More dark, surrealist illustration from the extraordinary mind of Uno Moralez
  72. List-2 Graphic Design Simone Koller makes stunning publications from the most complex conceptual ingredients
  73. List Photography Jessica Barthel makes a nomadic photographer's lifestyle look very appealing indeed
  74. List Animation Incredible animation shows a crazy dystopian future where breathing is outlawed
  75. List Illustration Ducks on steroids, mighty warriors and an irritating Grim Reaper lurking in Jack Teagle's portfolio
  76. List Advertising Tom Darracott and Carl Burgess are together again for a new campaign for Loft
  77. List Publication Prill Vieceli Cremers create stunning work for a cultural project in Afghanistan
  78. List Publication Viction:ary's new title Making A Splash shows off some masterfully expressive graphics
  79. List Exhibition Immerse yourself in the world of MVM at his latest show in Oslo
  80. List Illustration Five of the best comics we found while at ELCAF 2014