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The Graduates 2012

In this Olympic year, we are more excited about the creative stars set to emerge over the coming months and this is our pick of the ones to watch from the class of 2012.

  1. List The Graduates 2012 Documentaries, toilet humour and tribal automobiles from The Graduates 2012's Isabel Gibson
  2. 01-alex-walker-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012's Alex Walker turns out masterful educational illustrations
  3. List The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012's Jake Evans on Leonardo Da Vinci and replacing "work" with "bacon"
  4. Ellie-andrews-list The Graduates 2012 Lads in the bookies and the offside rule explained care of The Graduates 2012's Ellie Andrews
  5. List The Graduates 2012 Rooftop golf and flammable stationery from The Graduates 2012's Josh King
  6. Lorna-scobie-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012's Lorna Scobie has a zoo in her brain and a inky paintbrush in her hand…
  7. List The Graduates 2012 Beautiful, bold graphics and a disorientating adventure from The Graduates 2012's Jack Haslehurst
  8. Andrew-duncan-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012: Andrew Duncan splits atoms on a photocopier and you're talking about the Higgs boson?
  9. Grace-helmer-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012 presents Grace Helmer and her narratively deep paintings
  10. List The Graduates 2012 Printing humans and climbing "mountains" with The Graduates 2012's Nick Blakeman
  11. List The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012: Signe Emma shows us airline food from above and a literal collapse of the Eurozone
  12. Joshua-checkley-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012 starts today with the bright, smart goodness that is Joshua Checkley
  13. Listit_snicethat_graduates_listings2 Miscellaneous Your guide to the grad show season: The Graduate Listings 2012
  14. It_snicethat_graduates_catch-up8 Miscellaneous Grads catch-up three with Mike Guppy, Krystina Naylor and Hannah Shipley
  15. It_snicethat_graduates_catch-up7 Miscellaneous Another catch-up with last year's grads, feat. Mia Porter, Doug Stewart and Sarah Maycock
  16. It_snicethat_graduates_catch-up6 Miscellaneous Part one of grads catch-up feat. Billie Muraben, Pat Bradbury and Hannah Blackmore
  17. It_snicethat_graduates11 The Graduates 2012 The call for submissions for The Graduates 2012 is officially open – check out how to apply here