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£20 million promised by the government to boost England’s creative industries


Houses of Parliament: Tobias Michaelsen

In the last few years, creative industries have suffered brutal cuts across the UK. Today however, Margot James, the UK creative industries minister, unveiled a package of £20m in an attempt to encourage diversity as well as support the growing video games industry – Not to mention supporting the ever-important regional and independent businesses across the country.

Margot claims the package “will take the [creative] sector from strength to strength by arming the next generation of creatives with the necessary skills and giving businesses in the sector the support they need to succeed.”

The minister has come to acknowledge that our field now contributes over £100 billion to the UK’s economy. As a result, she’s allocated £14m towards an industry-led careers programme in the hopes of attracting young people to the prospect’s of a career in the creative arts.

A further £4m is reserved for supporting creative growth in Bristol, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands to de-centralise the capital city’s monopoly of industry. While a £2m is directed at the “Get it Right” copyright awareness campaign, ongoing until 2021, and £390,000 reserved for the increasing video games sector. Additionally, in an effort to assist underrepresented creatives in the digital industry, the authorities have committed £1m to the cause with the overall hopes that the UK continues to produce exciting talent at the forefront of innovation.