Unlock your inner artist: Join us for Bombay Sapphire’s One Night of Creativity

Charlotte Mei, Jasmin Sehra and Patternity co-founder Anna Murray join us for an inspirational evening of creative talks on 20 January 2021, free to attend.

7 January 2021

Bombay Sapphire has a long-standing commitment in supporting the arts. At the end of last year, it partnered with London Graphic Centre to launch a creative twist to the festive spirit in a new campaign, 12 Days of Creativity. Exploring how six top creatives express themselves through three features published last month, to kickstart the new year, we’re delving deeper into the subject through a live evening event. As part of Bombay Sapphire's Cocktails and Create series, the talk features Charlotte Mei, Jasmin Sehra and Patternity co-founder Anna Murray. The three UK-based creatives will provide a unique insight into their creative process, inspiring us to get physical and unlock our inner artists in the new year.

Taking place on Wednesday 20 January 2021 on Zoom, kicking off at 6:15pm GMT, It’s Nice That is thrilled to be hosting the event featuring our three key speakers and also, a live mixology demonstration by Bombay Sapphire’s very own Franck Dedieu, inviting you to explore some truly delicious botanical flavours.

Free to attend and open to all, the event hopes to inspire new and innovative ways to rediscover passion for the physical arts. Find out more below.


Copyright © Charlotte Mei, 2020

First to the stage is illustrator, ceramicist and artist Charlotte Mei who has just wrapped up a collaboration with famed fashion designer Lulu Guinness. An It’s Nice That favourite, we’ve fallen in love with Charlotte’s work time and time again for its friendly characters, warm tones and joyful narratives. During her talk, she’ll go behind the scenes of her accessible style which uses low cost materials to produce a high end results. Taking us through her multidisciplinary, accessible practice, and how she achieves a variety of different looks while maintaining a signature style, Charlotte will be the first creative joining the event, setting the friendly tone for the evening ahead.

Next up is Jasmin Sehra, an illustrator and designer known for her uplifting typographic works which have been commissioned by the likes of Nike, Adidas and Converse. Unlike Charlotte, Jasmin predominantly works digitally but with a hand rendered touch which fills her type-led work with unique personality. As well as touching on how she creates her works, Jasmin’s talk will centre on the meaning behind the words. More namely, how she visualises positive messaging throughout her fun and friendly artworks.


Copyright © Jasmin Sehra, 2020

Concluding the trio of creative talks is Anna Murray, one half of conscious creative practice Patternity. An interdisciplinary studio researching the wonder of nature’s patterns, Patternity applies powerful and visually bold patterns to the manmade world, from Penguin book jackets to engaging public installations. In her talk, Anna will share the infectiousness of pattern that she’s known so well for since 2009 and explain how to tap into creative flow by examining the relationship between creativity control and forgetting self-imposed stylistic parameters. Though we may not realise it, patterns surround us everywhere and through her talk, Anna teaches us how to find freedom in the creative process by understanding then utilising it.

After each speaker discusses their respective work, the host will follow up each talk with a short Q&A asking questions from the audience. Following the three creatives, there will be an exciting mixology presentation by Franck Dedieu who rounds off the evening with an alternative display of creativity as a prelude to the final goodbye from the host. It’s bound to be a stimulating evening of events, encouraging you to pick up a new creative passion in 2021 – whether it’s in the visual arts or through mixology – and start the year off with a bang.


Copyright © Anna Murray, Patternity, 2020

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Bombay Sapphire gin has partnered with London Graphic Centre to launch a new twist on the typical advent calendar with the 12 Days of Creativity. The latest step in the gin brand’s longstanding commitment to supporting creativity.

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