Coca-Cola launches biggest campaign in ten years with Taste the Feeling

19 January 2016
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Coca-Cola has launched a global campaign uniting Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Life under the new tagline: Taste the Feeling. The new strategy promotes all Coca-Cola products simultaneously and is the first time its four sub-brands have been marketed under one campaign – the biggest in a decade.

Taste the Feeling replaces the Open Happiness tagline from 2009, and aims to remarket the four sub-brands, which it claims has created confusion, as variants of the original, sole Coca-Cola brand.

The company’s chief marketing officer Marcos de Quinto announced the news today at a press conference in Paris today. He explained: "This strategy of generating sub-brands, rather than variants, has created distortions in the main brand.

“The different brands have sometimes contradicted the personality of Coca-Cola. Creating brands for different people with different personalities undermines completely the fundamental Coca-Cola brand promise.”

The soft drinks company has commissioned five launch ads for the new global campaign, and another five ads that will launch later. Coca-Cola gathered global creative minds from 10 different agencies to begin the development process, and ultimately the 10 Television Commercials created for the campaign were produced by the following four: Mercado-McCann, Sra. Rushmore, Santo, and Oglivy & Mather New York.

As well as moving image, new ads will feature more than 100 still images shot by fashion photographers, including Guy Aroch and Nacho Ricci. The company has also created an immersive online experience where you can customise and share animated gifs.


Coca-Cola: Taste the Feeling campaign still

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