Game, Set, Gucci: You can now wear new exclusive Gucci outfits in Tennis Clash

In the luxury fashion label’s latest twist, Gucci releases a set of new tennis outfits for both the virtual and IRL fashion-lover.

29 May 2020
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Tennis Clash, the mobile tennis game, has just announced an exciting new collaboration with Gucci. As of 18 June 2020, Tennis Clash’s players will be able to discover exclusive Gucci outfits and participate in a unique Gucci tournament in said outfits. The game, created by Wildlife, also allows its users to buy the real life version of their outfits to mirror their digital selves, bringing together the virtual and real life worlds in a high fashion clash.

In this innovative new spin, Wildlife has created two characters based on the Gucci designs. Tennis Clash features consistently in the Top 5 Sports Games on the App Store, and was recently named one of Google Play’s “five best competitive games of 2019.” Available on both aforementioned platforms, its latest venture features two characters named Diana and Jonah. The two virtual characters come with two separate looks that players can adopt for the game’s competitions.

The Gucci outfits not only include matching skirts, tops and tracksuits, but also includes shoes, socks and headgear. Everything you could ever want while playing a mobile tennis game. The game also links directly to Gucci’s website where players can then buy the IRL versions, that is, if they are satisfied with the clothes’ virtual performance.

To showcase the new Gucci collection, Tennis Clash is hosting a new in-game tournament aptly titled Gucci Open. It’s only available for a limited time, so get your skates on if you want to compete against other Gucci fanned players to score the most points. Players will also have access to a Gucci branded tennis string featuring the haute couture label’s iconic interweaving logo, a staple of the luxury fashion brand since its establishment in Florence in 1921.

With a reputation for pushing its brand in unexpected, creative ways, this is just the latest story in Gucci’s quirky It’s Nice That history. Previously, we ogled at Gucci’s collaboration with Sofa magazine – a portal into fun, silliness and childlike imagination. And elsewhere, we’ve seen it feature in Arcade apps, overhaul its logo in a handwritten redesign for its Fall/Winter 2020 range, and prove its openness to constant transition in this sci-fi fantasy interpretation.

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