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#ItsOurTime enlists the creative industry to get young people registering to vote


Charlie Lindsay and George Bartlett for #ItsOurTime

With the deadline to register for December’s General Election coming up on 25 November, The Comms Lab has put together the #ItsOurTime campaign to challenge the creative industry to persuade the estimated two million 18–30-year-old unregistered voters in the UK to join the electorial roll. The politically neutral and open campaign looks to encourage agencies, individuals and brands to create and share work to mobilise those who are concerned about climate change. The campaign emerged as a result of an Emergency Election Spring on 24 October at Saatchi & Saatchi, attended by over 50 people from a range of agencies.

“This year has seen millions of young people take to the streets to make their voices heard on climate,” Ella Saltmarshe, the campaign’s director says. “We hope that #ItsOurTime will result in an explosion of creativity over the next three weeks, driving voter registration by tapping into multiple creative groups and networks, with multiple campaigns and multiple activations.” James Whatley, a strategy partner at marketing agency Digitas UK, states: “I think that ensuring young people are registered and ready to vote with climate in mind is fundamental to all our futures. This is about driving real measurable action for change.”

The open campaign, which looks to target people who are already “climate concerned” rather than trying to persuade the yet-unconvinced, provides loose guidelines with a relatively simple way to participate. The content just needs to include the #ItsOurTime and #MakeClimateCount hashtags along with the government registration URL and the registration deadline.

#ItsOurTime is part of a growing movement that calls for the involvement of creatives in influencing environmental action like Extinction Rebellion’s impassioned statement for creative participation, to Es Devlin’s call to action at the London Design Biennale Summit.

Find out more about how to participate and download the brief pack here.