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Bao’s creative director, Erchen Chang, and Raphael Abreu, global head of design for Restaurant Brands International (Burger King’s parent company) take to this month’s online stage.

16 March 2021
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If you’re interested or work in branding, this is the event for you! This month we’ll delve into the branding process behind two huge culinary stories, stirring up the creative world.

As we edge closer to the one year anniversary of life in lockdown, there is arguably one constant that has helped us get through this time: food. With that in mind, this month’s Nicer Tuesdays hopes to bring mouth watering delights to the online stage, that being the branding stories behind Burger King’s whopping recent rebrand, and the grassroots visual origins of the cherished London restaurant, Bao. Both stories saw a massive reaction when they first appeared on the site, and this month, we’re adding a richer and more flavoursome depth to the branding narrative. Dialling all the way from Miami, we’re pleased to welcome to the stage, Raphael Abreu, global head of design for Restaurant Brands International (Burger King’s parent company) and Bao’s creative director, Erchen Chang.

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If you need a little more encouragement as to why this month’s Nicer Tuesdays is a must-watch, find out more about our coveted speakers below.


Burger King and JKR NY: Burger King rebrand (Copyright © Burger King, 2021)

Raphael Abreu

At the beginning of the month, we saw Burger King’s rebrand cause something of a storm across the industry. Praised far and wide, the rebrand pays homage to the American fast food chain’s design history, not to mention its irreverent personality. Designed in-house by Burger King’s creative team, headed up by Raphael Abreu together with JKR New York, the rebrand sees Burger King embrace a new digital-friendly identity. On 30 March, kicking off at 6 pm GMT, Raphael will talk us through this new look, the first rebrand in over 20 years. The discussion will delve into the logo, which directly references Burger King’s first logo used in the late 60s, as well as the brand’s new font Flame designed to mimic the shapes of Burger King food. Raphael will also discuss this new visual system with our editor-in-chief Matt Alagiah in an in-depth Q&A on how to nail a branding project for one of the biggest global companies in the world.


Bao branding (Copyright © Bao, 2020)

Bao’s Erchen Chang

One of the most lauded restaurants in London, Bao opened in a car park in 2012 and has captured the heart of the capital’s food scene in the years since. You’ll know the family-run restaurant for its lengthy queues parked outside the restaurant day and night, rain or shine. Its branding has always played a key part in its success, and here to tell us more about the fun branding featuring Bao’s iconic logo Lonely Man (a man eagerly scoffing a Bao bun) and the rest of its newly digitised identity, is creative director Erchen Chang. The restaurant was started by her and husband Shing Tat Chung but unexpectedly, the pair didn’t meet working in the food industry. Rather, it was at The Slade – arguably Britain’s best art school. It was there that the first iteration of Lonely Man appeared, and where Bao’s founders developed creatively. Then as the brand grew, so did its visual identity. Erchen will talk us through how they grew the visual language while staying true to its graphic-led, utilitarian roots.

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