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Our fifth Studio Audience podcast is an advertising special – sell sell sell!

Inspired by the goings-on down on the south coast of France as adland’s finest descended on Cannes for the Lions, we decided it was time for the It’s Nice That podcast to take a look at all things advertising.

We were delighted to be joined by Phil Clandillon, creative partner of Foam and Laura Jordan-Bambach creative director of Dare to discuss intersections between creativity, commercialism and technology. Enjoy!

Download the pod here

Part One

In the first section we remembered fondly how Phil’s Dry the River project was the biggest hit on the site last year but from then on it was all about the Cannes Lions (see our round-ups of the Grand Prix winners here, here and here).

Both my guests were pleased to see this Kenny Power video get some credit at the Lions, and its worth enjoying again in all its glory…

Part Two

In the second section we heard about the Cannt Festival I mangled the memory of this Foam project by naming the wrong band that begins with a K and we solved the future of advertising (you’re welcome!)

And we also talked Red Bull, extreme sports and this guy’s photos…