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Bryony Quinn

Bryony was It’s Nice That’s first ever intern and worked her way up to assistant online editor before moving on to pursue other interests in the summer of 2012.

  1. Indiegame Film Released this week (finally!) is autonomous creative homage Indie Game: The Movie
  2. Michael-jantzen-list Photography Deconstructing churches to excellent, architectural effect is Michael Jantzen
  3. Icinori-list Illustration Great illuminated alphabet by illustrative duo Icinori
  4. Synchrodogs-list Photography Photo-duo Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova have The Cool and the talent
  5. Daniel-gordon-list Art Daniel Gordon's vibrant assemblages push the still-life genre and photography as we know it
  6. Colin-doyle-list Photography Photographer Colin Doyle finds the important in the insignificant everyday
  7. Pierre-dubois-list Illustration Lots to look for and love in the ink-work wonder of Pierre Dubois' illustrations
  8. Jacob-escobedo-list Illustration The very special science fiction illustrations for The New Yorker by an ever-great Jacob Escobedo
  9. Curtisbaigent__list Film Stylised excavation title sequence by Curtis Baigent for new TV programme Archéologie
  10. Ml-jm-list Photography Uncanny fictions in still life by Matthieu Lavanchy and Jonas Marguet for Verities Magazine
  11. Jullien-brothers Film Brilliant catchy puppy-puppet ad by the Jullien Brothers for San Francisco SPCA
  12. Nfeld_ucl_list Architecture Nicolas Feldmeyer weaves an impressive installation through the portico of UCL
  13. Speed-of-light Animation Animation innovators The Theory do it again with the tiniest police chase ever
  14. Gwenola-carrerelist Illustration Impossibly good illustrative folk vibes from the very great Gwénola Carrerè
  15. Hwlist Illustration Hannah Waldron on the development of her visual language with her move into weaving
  16. Okfocus-list Web OKFocus, the forward thinking, viral web-designers say "Make Your Own Internet"
  17. Egyboy-list Illustration Egyboy is "willing to spread out the "Art Cowboyism"" with his black marker posters
  18. Andy-hope-list Photography Affecting before and after hospital dental procedure portraits by Andy Brown
  19. Soren_t_running-list What's On Caught in the headlights: we speak to Tabitha Soren about her drama-laden photography and new show
  20. Laura-pannack-list Bookshelf This week the award-winning portrait photographer Laura Pannack shows us her Bookshelf
  21. Sky-ladder Exhibition Cai Guo-Qiang paints with pyrotechnics that explode out of the MOCA
  22. Moca-land-art-list Interactive MOCA presents an online resource exploring the art movement that literally changed the world
  23. Erik-marinovich-list Graphic Design Wonderful work to be found on the new site from letterer extraordinaire Erik Marinovich
  24. Dextro-list Art Set an algorithm and let it go, the generative art of Dextro
  25. Doeller-and-satter-lead Graphic Design Very nice iconic design work by Doeller & Satter with an independent streak
  26. Dave-cooper-list Illustration Dave Cooper's cartoons take on the perpetual motion of humanoid wheels
  27. Calder-in-india-list Uncategorized Ordovas gallery presents a rare and inspired collection of Alexander Calder mobiles
  28. Kate-morrell-list Art Engaging stories told in the art-cum-archeology of Kate Morrell's work
  29. Stephan-walter-list Graphic Design Varoom cover star Stephan Walter creates byzantine architectural typo-illustrations
  30. Jeppe-hein-7 Product Design Jeppe Hein's Modified Social Benches are on show at Belgium's Beaufort04
  31. Paul-bernhard-list Graphic Design Bright, smart and interesting; all hail the graphic design of Paul Bernhard
  32. Emiliano-ponzo-list Bookshelf Top-notch illustrator Emiliano Ponzi gives us a guided tour of his Bookshelf and five favourite tomes
  33. Benn-fiess-list Product Design Lunch vessel lust for Ben Fiess' Utilitarian Ceramic wares
  34. Takeshi-sagu-list Photography Do not adjust your screen, this is Sakuramadelica, aka pure joy, aka Takeshi Suga
  35. Manuel-birnbacher-list Graphic Design Civil War heroes with their faces falling off courtesy of Manuel Birnbacher
  36. Nishijima-list Illustration Japanese woodblock printmaker Nishijima Katsuyuki has an incredible craft
  37. Wide-open-school-list What's On An alternative education from the finest contemporary artists at the Hayward's Wide Open School
  38. Alex-witjas-list Graphic Design The portfolio of bright, smart design work by Alex Witjas just looks like summer
  39. Crackingeggs Music Good-strange new music video from Jeremy Liebman with Aurelien Arbet for My Best Fiend
  40. Matt-hass-list Photography Matt Hass' wonder-filled photos are a brilliant mix of cinematic happenstance
  41. Jasmine-deporta-list Photography Very nicely gauged fashion story by dream-like photographer Jasmine Deporta
  42. Saramaragotto-list Illustration Intriguing and strangely diagrammatic work from illustrator Sara Maragotto
  43. Voidwreck-list Publication Great architectural renderings for Eastside Projects' User's Manual by Voidwreck
  44. Edward-burtynsky-list What's On Oil be damned! The brand new Photographers' Gallery presents an epic Edward Burtynsky
  45. It_snicethat_graduates_catch-up9 Uncategorized Our final catch-up with last years graduates, Bruce Usher and Scott Taylor
  46. Blair-thurman-list Art Loving these big neon outlines of super car go-faster graphics by Blair Thurman
  47. Paul-elliman-list What's On Paul Elliman's Found Font installation at MoMA's Ecstatic Alphabets / Heaps of Language
  48. David-galasse-list Graphic Design Seriously nice, bright applied graphic design from Paulista David Galasse
  49. Andy-hope-1930-list What's On Andy Hope 1930s brilliant Medley Tour reaches London's Hauser & Wirth gallery
  50. Katie-peterson-list What's On 100 Billion Suns is a poetic staging of an epic concept by Katie Paterson
  51. It_snicethat_graduates_catch-up8 Miscellaneous Grads catch-up three with Mike Guppy, Krystina Naylor and Hannah Shipley
  52. Yasuaki-onishi-list What's On The latest extraordinary, space-defying installation by Yasuaki Onishi now on show at the Rice Gallery
  53. Two-years-at-sea Film Ben Rivers' muzzy monochrome film Two Years at Sea is an elegiac beauty
  54. Mark-lazenby-bookshelf-list Bookshelf Revealing volumes - literally, hypothetically - Mark Lazenby shows us his Bookshelf
  55. Oivin-horvei-list Art A fascinating, absorbing collection of Martian taxonomies by Øivin Horvei
  56. W-projects-list Publication New York's W/–––Projects launch their first set of artist editions
  57. Mary-ellen-johnson-list Art Mary Ellen Johnson's paintings are a syrupy drip of hyper-reality
  58. Douglas-prince-list Art If the internet had a beach it would look like Douglas Prince's Shore Lines series
  59. Frank-frazetta-list Art The epic on epic fantasy art of Frank Frazetta in its first UK retrospective
  60. Lilianna-ovalle-list What's On New Colour Me work from Liliana Ovalle on show in THE CHROMA SEASON
  61. It_snicethat_graduates_catch-up7 Miscellaneous Another catch-up with last year's grads, feat. Mia Porter, Doug Stewart and Sarah Maycock
  62. Chinese_graphic_design-list Graphic Design Genre-bending, era-defining graphics in a book of 20th century Chinese design
  63. Alex-katz-list What's On Tate St Ives presents a great influencer and octogenarian painter, Alex Katz
  64. Keith-shore-list Illustration Beer and art – winning label combinations by Keith Shore for Mikkeller
  65. Jaehyo-lee-list What's On Jaehyo Lee creates bewildering forms from simple materials and high-craft
  66. Ted-parker-list Illustration Ted Parker does illustrations of dogs that play basketball and wear fedoras
  67. Ryan-hopkinson-list Art Ryan Hopkinson does a great Aeolus impression making tornados in his studio…
  68. Christoph-neinmann-list Publication Publishing and problem-solving; a quick interview with Christoph Niemann about his book, Abstract City
  69. It_snicethat_graduates_catch-up6 Miscellaneous Part one of grads catch-up feat. Billie Muraben, Pat Bradbury and Hannah Blackmore
  70. Evans_bakerlist Photography Daniel Evans and Brendan Baker take India with Sleeping Through an Earthquake
  71. Bookshelf-list Bookshelf This week's Bookshelf comes courtesy New York-based photographer Marcelo Gomes
  72. Holton-rower-list Art Beautiful, flow-triumphant Pour Paintings by Holton Rower on show in New York
  73. Bauhaus-list What's On The Barbican's Bauhaus: Art as Life shines a light on design's biggest influencers
  74. Marianne-anderson-list Illustration Loving Marianne Anderson's collection of phone sketches of everyday objects
  75. Yale-list What's On Great animated promo for YGDMFA, aka Yale Graphic Design MFA exhibition
  76. It_snicethat_graduates11 The Graduates 2012 The call for submissions for The Graduates 2012 is officially open – check out how to apply here
  77. Ryan-weafer Graphic Design Brain melt courtesy of Ryan Weafer and his clean-edge edge with design
  78. Matilda-tristram-list Illustration "Bit like a totem pole" – overheard gems at the Hockney exhibition by Matilda Tristram
  79. James-t-edmondson-list Student of the Month Our Student of the Month is California-based lettering wunderkind James T. Edmondson
  80. Chris-floyd Film Very cool short film from Chris Floyd: The Way I Dress feat. Waris Ahluwalia