Bryony Quinn

Bryony was It’s Nice That’s first ever intern and worked her way up to assistant online editor before moving on to pursue other interests in the summer of 2012.

  1. Paul-noble Art A quick, questioning look at the Turner Prize nominees announced today
  2. John-peel-list Music Just stop whatever you're doing because John Peel's record collection is being digitised
  3. Pep-ventosa-list Photography Pep Ventoso collapses time on itself with these multi-layered photos of carousels
  4. Brioni Film Thing gets fixed-up, looks sharp – all thanks to Lernert & Sander's latest film
  5. Blood-orange Music Gif-girls and meta-bedrooms in Blood Oranges' new track thanks to Haley Wollens
  6. List-john-short Photography Consistently striking graphic photography by the brilliant John Short
  7. Kapow-list Publication Kapow! by name, kapow by nature - check out the latest Visual Editions book
  8. Elliot-dear Film Revel in the random with Elliot Dear's latest video, Third Swan
  9. List-sarah-illenberger Bookshelf Much like her work, Sarah Illenberger's Bookshelf is beautifully bright and charming
  10. Daniel-shea-list Photography Daniel Shea's photos are more than a metaphor for those living in coal country
  11. Adam-dix-list Uncategorized — Genuflecting the mobile mast, aka the end of the world, is illustrator Adam Dix
  12. Yumiko-utsu-list What's On They're squid heads and we like them – a new show in Paris for Yumiko Utsu
  13. George-grosz-list Publication An insight into a rare new book filled with the satirical acuity of George Grosz's illustrations
  14. Jenn-ackerman-lisr Photography Jenn Ackerman bears witness to the reality of the criminally insane
  15. Mustafah-abdulaziz-list Photography Memory Loss by Mustafah Abdulaziz is forgetting where we are when we are right there
  16. Gabriel-dawe-list What's On The Density of Light sees super-chromatic artist Gabriel Dawe make rainbows real
  17. Mark-mulroney-list What's On Cartoon abstraction in Mark Mulroney's new show Spring Time Pictures
  18. Jamie-shovlin-list What's On Jamie Shovlin returns to the Montana Modern Masters series with the missing pieces
  19. Manuel-raeder-list Graphic Design Manuel Raeder blurs the boundaries of design like a conceptual artist
  20. Paradise-list Exhibition The Royal College of Art does "paradise" in Milan, and in book form
  21. Anton-weflo-list Illustration Going by Anton Weflö's illustrations, happiness is a cat with three eyes
  22. Vaka-valo-list Illustration Schematics gets sinister in Vaka Valo's fusion of info-graphic illustration
  23. Paul-sahre-list Graphic Design Multi-talented Paul Sahre is a man on a mission to produce quality design
  24. Tim-blare-list Writing Stand-up poet and creator of the Poetry Takeaway, Tim Clare's Bookshelf
  25. Wonderful-world Music Beautiful animation by Stefan Nadelman for Lost Lander's Wonderful World
  26. Alex-prager-list Film Alex Prager stages a cinematic tale of death and compulsion in heavy noir style…
  27. Sean-pecknold Animation Sean Pecknold presents an apocalyptic tale of charming animated simplicity
  28. Olo Miscellaneous Nice animation promoting the new version Sennep's compulsive OLO game
  29. Noman-6 Product Design Fashion meets product design, forms NOMAN, lives happily ever after
  30. Daniel-clowes-list What's On The witty realism and trenchant cool of Daniel Clowes' comics in a survey at OMCA
  31. Thibaud-herem-list Illustration Acute architectural renderings of grand French buildings by Thibaud Herem
  32. Grant-orcahrd Animation A very suggestive one minute film Yeah Just There by Grant Orchard
  33. Talbot-type-list Graphic Design Design director Adrian Talbot launches his own lettering site, Talbot Type
  34. Prometheus Film Michael Fassbender in android viral for new Ridley Scott epic Prometheus
  35. 56th-studio-list Furniture Design The Simpsons in chair form from the fascinating 56th Studio
  36. Tedxsummit Film WE ARE Pi visualise TED to power of X in The Human Arabesque
  37. Robert-longo-list Art The photographs behind Robert Longo's iconic charcoal drawings on show
  38. Jeff-milstein-list What's On Another chance to see Jeff Milstein's The Jet as Art in Washington
  39. Keith_haring-list What's On Career-defining retrospective of Keith Haring at the Brooklyn Musuem
  40. Jonathan-frantini-list Photography Extraordinary work as Jonathan Frantini photographs Shanghai acrobats
  41. List-cardboard-cathedral Architecture Architects Shigeru Ban to build Cardboard cathedral in New Zealand
  42. List-steve-nakamura Fashion Making Harajuku look amazing is Steve Nakamura's talent
  43. Bompaspar-list Miscellaneous What culinary curiosities sit on the shelves of wonder food luminaries Bompas & Parr?
  44. List-karlssonwilker Graphic Design After three years, design extroverts karlssonwilker have a new site
  45. List-in-residence Graphic Design Great new work from Wes Adams and Becca Abbe and their studio In Residence…
  46. List-rosie-sanders What's On Contemporary botanical painting in Rosie Sanders' exhibition Against the Light
  47. List-elisa-strozyk Product Design Elisa Strozyk is a master wood manipulator with flair and finesse
  48. Nightshop-pov-list Product Design Colour-changing vases from Rotterdam-based designers NIGHTSHOP
  49. Me-marrionette-list Exhibition Cool animation for former Peepshow member Graham Carter's new show
  50. List-danielpalacios_waves What's On The physicality of sound and the sound of physicality by Daniel Palacios
  51. Benoit-bodhuin-list Graphic Design A look at Benoit Bodhuin's benbenworld and latest font ZIGZAG
  52. List-matt-brown Music Prizes for eyes, ears and grey matter courtesy of Matthew Irvine Brown and his Music for Shuffle
  53. List-rebecca-crompton Uncategorized — Rebecca Crompton's drawings come with a side helping of happiness
  54. Roger-ballen-list Photography New show from Roger Ballen – photographer with a keen and powerful lens
  55. List-achim-borchardt-humebookshelf Bookshelf Bookshelf: Chief Curator of the Whitechapel Gallery, London, Achim Borchardt-Hume
  56. Alex-kisilevich-list Art Funny and immediate – crafted visual one-liners of photographer Alex Kisilevich
  57. Liliana-ovalle-list Product Design Liliana Ovalle's seating pieces inspired by improvisation in Mexico City
  58. Frank-viva-list Publication We speak to illustrator Frank Viva as he completes his fifth cover for The New Yorker
  59. Jordan-crane-list Publication Cartoonist Jordan Crane and his excellent What Things Do site
  60. Luke-jarram-aelous-list Sculpture Aeolus is a remarkable wind powered instrument humming away in Canary Wharf
  61. Edward-cheverton-list-2 Student of the Month March's Student of the Month is illustrator and jazz-man, Edward Cheverton
  62. Studio-fnt-list Graphic Design Seoul-based studio fnt have a particularly clean and consistent body of work
  63. 90_torrespomeroy-small Fashion Fashion and illustration fuse in the Torres / Pomeroy collaboration
  64. Keer-tanchak-small Art Charming, colour-soaked paintings on aluminium from Keer Tanchak
  65. Hockerbank-small Product Design Stools meet benches to excellent effect thanks to Johanna Dehio
  66. Apfel-bookshelf-small Bookshelf Bookshelf: APFEL
  67. Weekender-small Weekender The Weekender
  68. Notknotsmall Product Design DesignMarch: NotKnot
  69. Russell-tyler-small Art Russell Tyler
  70. Parra-small What's On What's On: Parra, Weirded Out
  71. Sammy-markham-small Publication Sammy Harkham
  72. Ostwald-helgasonsmall Fashion DesignMarch: Ostwald Helgason
  73. Gunter-rambow-small Graphic Design Gunter Rambow
  74. Knock-for-knock Music Mogwai Japan: Knock for Knock
  75. Cerulean Music Jack Featherstone & Will Samuel: Cerulean
  76. Moo-small Events Peepshow: Museum of Objects & Origins
  77. Katrinolina-small Miscellaneous DesignMarch: Katrín Ólina
  78. Homa-delvary-small Graphic Design Homa Delvaray
  79. Raymond-pettibon-small What's On What's On: Raymond Pettibon - Whuytuyp
  80. Naked-ambition Film Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase 2012: Naked Ambition