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James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and came back in summer of 2012 to work online and latterly as Print Editor, before leaving in May 2015.

  1. Laurel-golio-dancexplosion-int-list Photography Laurel Golio gets up close and personal with a US youth dance competition
  2. Dwp-bikestock-int-list Graphic Design Bike kit vending machines branded beautifully by DWP Design
  3. List Graphic Design Excellent editorial design from Dutchman Joost Bos
  4. List2 Printed Pages Read the whole first year of Printed Pages magazine online now!
  5. Studio-lin-stampa-int-list Graphic Design Studio Lin's work for Stampa is simple, striking and brilliant
  6. Fka-twigs-int-list2 Art + Music Watch a pregnant FKA twigs spawn a voguing extravaganza!
  7. Snask-printing-friends-int-list Publication A visual feast – and a culinary one too – in the new Printing Friends magazine
  8. List Photography Photographer Carl Bigmore on the legacy of Kurt Cobain and David Lynch
  9. Beakus-philippa-perry-int-list Animation Beakus freshens up The Guardian's excellent agony aunt series
  10. Jayme-spinks-int-list Graphic Design Awesome icons and gorgeous album art from Canadian designer Jayme Spinks
  11. Benjamin-dittrich-int-list Art Benjamin Dittrich explores the cosmos in his breathtakingly complex works
  12. Die-katze-int-list-2 Illustration Alice Kolb and Daniel Peter fill a fag machine with stunning illustrated cards
  13. Ghospoet-shedding-skin-int-list Art + Music Ghostpoet's latest album cover is made of his SKIN!
  14. Jeremie-fischer-wilkommen-in-hausland-int-list Illustration Awesome tales of a strange spirit world from Jeremie Fischer
  15. Colline-new-list-int Graphic Design Annie Collinge dresses up New York strangers like old dolls
  16. Art-belikov-int-list Art Retro-futuristic digital scenes from Lithuanian artist Art Belikov
  17. Nick-vokey-coach-bird-int-list Illustration Meet the football coach who's also a doctor – and a bird – Coach Bird M.D.
  18. Gabriela-maskrey-lapulperia-int-list Graphic Design Luxury culinary branding from Peruvian designer Gabriela Maskrey
  19. List Graphic Design Meet Richard Turley's right-hand man at MTV, Erik Carter!
  20. Skrillex-doompy-poomp-int-list Film Cross-dressing, guns and hirsute nudity in Skrillex' latest music video
  21. Altos-adventure-int-list Interactive Kiss goodbye to your free time; meet Alto's Adventure!
  22. Daniel-swan-django-django-list Film Daniel Swan shows off experiments with light in new Django Django video
  23. Kurppa-hosk-korshags-int-list Graphic Design Smoking new identity for a fish brand from Kurppa Hosk
  24. George-primo-louw-1 Graphic Design Jorge Primo's delicious deck designs for Louw skateboards
  25. Francesco-del-russo-bologna-int-list Graphic Design Bologna but not as we know it, thanks to designer Francesco Delrosso
  26. Simon-roussin-film-projects-int-list Illustration Simon Roussin's film-focussed comics are a cinephile's delight
  27. Braulio-amado-nyt-int-list Graphic Design No sleep for Braulio Amado, perhaps the most prolific designer in Brooklyn
  28. Two-points-aamodt-plumb-int-list Graphic Design Angular architectural identity from Spanish studio Two Points
  29. Come-de-bouchony-7-years-int-list Graphic Design Côme de Bouchony crams almost a decade of work into one minute
  30. Draw-down-cleon-peterson-int-list Publication Like giant, violent orgies? Love Cleon Peterson's new mongraph!
  31. Louis-granet-fort-worth-int-list Illustration Weird, wonderful wordless comics from the ingenious Louis Granet
  32. Kk-velocita-int-list Advertising Special effect budgets blown in new Umbro ad from KesselsKramer!
  33. Philip-jodidio-taschen-cabins-int-list Publication Cabin-lovers rejoice, your bible has arrived in a beautiful new illustrated book!
  34. Tom-blachford-midnight-modern-list Photography Moonlit modernist architecture from photographer Tom Blachford
  35. List Illustration Dan Stafford I love you; an open letter from James Cartwright
  36. Teenage-engineering-pocket-synths-int-5-list Product Design Teenage Engineering's pocket synthesiser is a mini marvel of tech brilliance
  37. Yoko-honda-int-list Illustration Poolside penthouses and supercars in the work of Yoko Honda
  38. Field-resonate-identity-int-list Animation Field's work for Resonate 2015 is a storm of limbs and CGI objects
  39. David-oreilly-adult-swim-list Animation David OReilly is killing it with his work for Adult Swim
  40. List Photography Mainlining Americana with photographer and filmmaker Eddie O'Keefe
  41. Gunmad-or-type-int-list Graphic Design GUNMAD lands in London for inaugural Unit Editions show
  42. Maggie-shannon-swamp-yankee-int-list Photography Photographer Maggie Shannon discusses the complexities of shark hunting
  43. Exposure-bjorn-borg-int-list Miscellaneous This bear-riding shirtless man is promoting Björn Borg, no joke!
  44. Christian-borstlap-de-bijenkorf-int-list Animation Christian Borstlap and pals shout about de Bijenkorf's new artist's residency
  45. Malachi-ward-int-5 Illustration Beautifully atmospheric comics and drawings from Malachi Ward
  46. Ged-palmer-int-list Graphic Design An interview with Ged Palmer, sign writer extraordinaire!
  47. Penelope-gazin-int-list Illustration Proper weird illustration from the sensationally strange Penelope Gazin
  48. Reffmercy-old-english-int-list Animation Chopping chickens and boolin' with slimes in Ruffmercy's new video
  49. Bedow-record_mania-int-list Graphic Design Fantastically simple record store branding by Swedish studio Bedow
  50. Isabellucena-tarot-int-list Graphic Design A graphic update on the traditional Tarot deck by designer Isabel Lucena
  51. Victionary-kanji-int-list Publication Design with Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters explored in new book
  52. Mattpanuska-barbara-int-list Illustration Illustrator Matt Panuska walks us through the weird worlds of his subconsious
  53. Visser-namaqualand-int-list Photography Lush images of a floral desert from photographer Francois Visser
  54. Parades-artdillier-sale-int-1 Graphic Design Bureau Parade's cool graphics add some class to a tired January sale
  55. Flylo-coronus-the-terminator-int-list Film We ask Young Replicant about his stunning new Flying Lotus video
  56. Tilljanz-olafur-list-int Photography The excellent Till Janz shoots Spike Jonze and Olafur Eliasson
  57. Alexdacorte-easternsport-1-int Art Bizarre telenovelas and garish installations from Alex Da Corte
  58. List Printed Pages Incredible artwork for KENZO showcased in the latest issue of Printed Pages
  59. List Printed Pages Behind the scenes with Studio Swine for the new issue of Printed Pages
  60. List Graphic Design We discuss Kinfolk's redesign with creative director Charlotte Heal
  61. List Illustration We meet 12-year-old comics artist Orson to discuss his new book
  62. List Graphic Design Fluid identity for Motel Mozaïque Festival by Hats & Tales
  63. List Printed Pages A preview of our feature on Kemistry Gallery in the latest Printed Pages
  64. List Photography Michelle Groskopf's shots of oldies in Larchmont are sublime
  65. List Illustration Ultraviolent comic sketchbooks from the irreverent Benjamin Marra
  66. List Printed Pages Carl Kleiner's analogue archive in the latest issue of Printed Pages
  67. List Photography Thomas Browning Rose captures a bleak, abandoned college
  68. List-1 Graphic Design Tasty record sleeves from Barcelona's own Arnau Pi
  69. List Photography Seriously fun photographs from Swiss Lukas Wassmann
  70. List-1 Art Playful mixed media works from Chilean artist Mario Felipe
  71. List Publication Killian Eng's reissued Object 5 is a sci-fi stunner!
  72. List Graphic Design Pentagram's bold new identity for Cooper Hewitt Museum
  73. List Graphic Design Horton-Stephens release a new annual designed by Freddy Taylor
  74. List_illustration Review of the Year 2014 Top Ten: Like illustration? Love our round up of the year's best!
  75. List_editors-picks-record-sleeves Review of the Year 2014 Editor's Picks: James Cartwright on this year's best record sleeve designs
  76. List_james-c Uncategorized My 2014: Print Editor James Cartwright sums up the best bits of his year
  77. List Opinion We're looking for participants for an illustration-themed Studio Audience
  78. List Graphic Design Wilfred van der Weide strikes out on his own
  79. List Publication The fifth edition of Odiseo is on its way and it's ringing in some changes
  80. List Printed Pages How we made the cover of the new Printed Pages magazine