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It’s Nice That’s Review of the Year 2016

2016 is drawing to a close and the It’s Nice That team is packing up for a couple of weeks of festive fun and a short break. To keep you interested over the holiday break we have compiled the best performing stories of the year for you to enjoy again and have interviewed the people and studios that have contributed to the site and our events in countless ways.

Listed below are the articles currently taking over the homepage – you’ll find our individual profiles of creatives who’ve had an incredible year and the most popular stories organised by category.

It’s Nice That will be back on Tuesday 3 January 2017 to launch our Ones To Watch 2017. We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas – see you next year.

Thank you!

  • Graphic-design Regulars / Review of the Year 2016 Review of the Year 2016: Top 25 Graphic Design

    We’ve seen some big rebrands this year including Mastercard, the Premier League and Co-op, but there’s also been some new studios and designers breaking through to create some fantastic work. Check out some of the other trends this year with our top 25 graphic design stories. h3. Supported by Google

    It's Nice That
  • Its-nice-that-easter-break-look-back-list Features / Miscellaneous We take a look back at the best stories of the year to date

    The Easter weekend here in the UK has given us at It’s Nice That the chance to put our feet up for a few days, but we still want to provide you with your regular dose of creative ideas and inspiration. So we’ve decided to pull together some highlights from the year so far, including a handful of the most popular articles of 2019 and a few of the team’s favourites as well. From an in-depth study of the benefits of boredom (worth reading if you’re heading out of town to visit the family this weekend) to a story about Michael Bierut’s fresh identity for Mastercard, we’ve got all angles covered. There are even a few alpacas thrown in for good measure, courtesy of photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek. Check out all this and more below.

    It's Nice That
  • Moving-image Regulars / Review of the Year 2016 Review of the Year 2016: Top 25 Moving Image

    The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to moving image and lucky for us, we saw a cavalcade of wonderful creations this year. With documentaries of compelling stories, entertaining music videos, amusing adverts and ingenious animations – this is what caught your eye this year. h3. Supported by Google

    It's Nice That
  • Talks Regulars / Review of the Year 2016 Review of the Year 2016: Top 10 Talks

    Through our events, Here and Nicer Tuesdays, we’re given the opportunity to hear personal insights and stories from some of the most talented people working across the industry. Here we gather together just some of the talks and presentations we were fortunate to listen to. h3. 1. Erik Kessels: Nicer Tuesdays, May 2016

    It's Nice That
  • Thank-you Regulars / Review of the Year 2016 Review of the Year 2016: Thank You

    What. A. Year. Over the last 12 months, It’s Nice That has published over 2,400 articles, hosted 12 Nicer Tuesdays, thrown parties, welcomed 750 delegates and ten speakers to our conference Here, created two issues of Printed Pages, tweeted more than 13,000 times, posted over 600 Instagram posts, held workshops around the UK, made one book and attended countless events. It’s an immense pleasure to be able to publish so much great work on a daily basis – it’s something that we take extremely seriously and are looking to develop and stretch in 2017.

    Owen Pritchard

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