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Review of the Year 2016: Top 25 News

Relive the biggest art and design news stories of 2016 with our top 25. Some highlights include the world’s ugliest colour ever, a few classic brands getting makeovers, surprising yet insightful surveys and some brilliant reactions to this year’s political climate – we’ve got it all.

  • Vsco_its_nice_that_list News / Graphic Design VSCO develops new typeface and a symbol-based language as part of its rebrand

    Visual platform and photography app VSCO has launched a new visual identity, based around the VSCO Gothic typeface developed in collaboration with Letters of Sweden founder Göran Söderström. The sans serif typeface offers five weights for both digital and print consumption.

    Milly Burroughs
  • Co-op-bag_itsnicethat News / Graphic Design The Co-op returns to its old “clover leaf” logo from the 1960s

    The Co-op has returned to its old “clover leaf” logo, originally designed in 1968, as part of a major rebrand. The company worked with agency North to “reboot” the branding, which Ben Terrett, Co-op’s group design director, says had become “confused and too corporate.” North pitched the idea of returning to the classic logo, and for the relaunch has created a punchy set of photographs showing it used on food packaging, shop fronts, uniforms and bags. The identity uses a more vibrant, lighter blue than the darker scheme of the previous branding.

    Jenny Brewer
  • Subway-new-logo_itsnicethat_list News / Graphic Design Subway unveils redesigned logo and new symbol

    American fast food chain Subway has revealed a new logo and symbol, to be rolled out to all restaurants in early 2017. The logo has more in common with the sandwich restaurant’s original 1968 logo, with its curvy, upright type, than the recent angular, italicised version. It loosely maintains the colour scheme of the modern logo but uses a darker yellow and lighter green, bringing the colours closer in tone. It also continues the use of the Subway arrows, which are combined for Subway’s new “S” symbol.

    Jenny Brewer

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