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Review of the Year 2016: Top 25 Moving Image

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to moving image and lucky for us, we saw a cavalcade of wonderful creations this year. With documentaries of compelling stories, entertaining music videos, amusing adverts and ingenious animations – this is what caught your eye this year.

  • Tommy_cash_winalota_int_list Work / Film Tommy Cash subverts the tropes of rap videos with a fleshy celebration of the human body (NSFW)

    Estonian rapper Tommy Cash has directed this unbelievable video for his track Winaloto. As Tommy raps in the video, a swathe of nearly nude bodies – inspired by a trip to the Louvre in Paris – surround the equally underdressed musician as slickly choreographed dancers contort around him becoming human pyramids, landscapes, musical instruments and even a throne.

    Rebecca Fulleylove
  • News / Advertising PETA’s x-rated Super Bowl advert banned from TV (NSFW)

    PETA’s new advert, made to air during the commercial break in the NFL’s Super Bowl 50 next month, has been banned by television network CBS for its sexually explicit content. The advert shows a split screen of two couples having sex: the left is identified as a meat eater, the right is labelled vegan. The ad and its slogan, “Last longer. Go vegan”, is designed to educate men on how diet can affect their sex lives, and is intended to warn of the dangers of high cholesterol, which some studies have linked to diets heavy in meat, eggs and dairy.

    Alexander Hawkins
  • Grey_london_move_closer_its_nice_that_lii News / Advertising Grey London empties London in a new film for Bose

    To mark the launch of Bose’s Get Closer campaign, Grey London has created a new 60 second film that shows dancer Maëva Berthelot move through the deserted streets of London. Dancing through locations that range from Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and on an eerily quiet Underground carriage, the film provides a view of the capital that is familiar yet somehow disconcerting. Maëva dances to a track called Alchemy by TALA and the routine was developed with renowned choreographer Simeon Qsyea.

    Owen Pritchard
  • Kenzo1 News / Film Spike Jonze defies perfume ad cliches for Kenzo World

    Spike Jonze has directed a perfume ad for Kenzo that defies all cliches of traditional perfume ads. Starting off in a typically glamorous setting, it appears similar to others starring Charlize Theron, Keira Knightly and the like, but soon becomes something completely unexpected and empowering.

    Lucy Bourton

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