Work / Review Of The Year 2012

The countdown’s back after a cheeky day off with numbers 60 to 51 just for YOU!

Some people say that your 50s are the best years of your life. Well, some people say a lot of things. With that in mind, here’s the next chapter in our end of year run-down. 51-60, ahoy!

60 — Wieden + Kennedy: Mintacular (August 15)


Wieden + Kennedy: Mintacular

Let’s be honest, if we had seen one more sickeningly friendly advert for some sort of digital product that included lots of bespectacled designers this year, we would have packed up and moved to the Arctic Circle. Fortunately, light relief came in the form of this spoof-ad for chewing gum, making out as if it were the new must-have gadget for creative types. Brill.

59 — Julian Germain: Classroom Portraits (June 18)


Julian Germain: Classroom Portraits

We were all surprised that no one had done this before, so props to Jullian for making this rather terrifying series of classroom photography. Hands up if they remind you of the time you said something weird in maths and everyone stared. puts hand up

58 — Jens Ullrich: Collages (July 16)


Jens Ullrich: Collages

If anything this year got us into the Olympic spirit it was these extraordinary collages by Jens Ullrich mixing the old Athenian Olympians with modern day athletes. Simple, beautiful, brilliant.

57 — Etienne Gros: Les Mousses (July 13)


Etienne Gros: Les Mousses

Some unlikely brilliance here from Etienne Gros, the man who can transform common household foam into Renaissance beauties in minutes! if this doesn’t inspire you to go to the cupboard under the sink and start constructing some legitimate artwork, I don’t know what will.

56 — Tito Mouraz: Open Space Office (March 7)


Tito Mouraz: Open Space Office

And for those of you that thought working in an industrial rock quarry would be grim, Tito Mouraz came to smash your theories out of the park like golfballs off a precipice. Take that preconceptions!

55 — Chris Lohr: Breaking bad remix (August 31)


Chris Lohr: Breaking bad remix

“YouTube! YouTube! YouTube!” chant the square-eyed youth of today, as they parade down your streets, waving flags with viral-video maker Chris Lohr’s face on them and brandishing torches (Can’t be bothered to look? Don’t worry, they’ll upload it later). But this is why they celebrate him…

54 — Superbowl 2012 Adverts (February 6)


Superbowl 2012 Adverts

More modern-day delights here as we review the much-anticipated superbowl ads! Expect a textbook man vs. cheetah Hyundai advert, a suitably sultry Toyota advert, and a truly brilliant token flashmob attempt from Budweiser.

53 — The Making of the Leica M9-P (July 2)


The Making of the Leica M9-P

Uuurgghhhh yeah, nothing like some camera-porn to get you going before Christmas, especially if you have asked for a Leica knowing full well that no one you know will be able to afford one for you. Best just to stick to this spine-tingler of a making-of video.

52 — The Dark Knight Rises: Behind the Scenes (July 8)


The Dark Knight Rises: Behind the Scenes

Nothing like a little behind-the-scenes trailer to get you excited for one of the biggest films of the century! No surprises that this did well on the site — anecdotal insights, here we come!

51 — Siggi Eggertson: Landsbankinn (September 5)


Siggi Eggertson: Landsbankinn

“Wait…this is for a bank?!” exclaim witnesses of Siggi’s creation for Icelandic moneykeepers Landsbankinn. A simple yet stark reminder that Siggi is an utter genius, and also that Iceland is much cooler than the UK.