Review of the Year 2022: Top 25 News

Deep fake music videos, tick-box ads, bread bun sofas and cannabis packaging: just another year in the It’s Nice That newsroom. Here are the timely news articles that kept you all up to date this year.


While Seth Rogen may be well known for his cannabis-loving tendencies and advocacy for the plant, few of us expected the packaging for his own marijuana brand to be this good. It seemed neither did you, as the modernist, lego-stacking design went sky-high to the top of this year’s most-read news articles, a list which also saw its fair share of big name rebrands: Evri, Instagram and the Olympics to name a few.

This year, your love for a good tongue-in-cheek, multiple-choice advertisement really shone through, and Ingo’s advert for Burger King and Uncommon Studio’s for British Airways saw us mentally ticking a few boxes. And while music and the visual arts have always come hand-in-hand, it seemed this year they really hit it off. Among some of our most-read articles were a behind-the-scenes look at three of this year’s hottest music videos: an animated video for Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Electric Theatre Company’s Pixar-inspired wonder for Pharrell, and the South Park creators’ Deep Fake masterpiece for Kendrick Lamar.

And that’s not all. Throughout the year, questions around media consumption, censorship and “truth” really got us thinking. After algorithmic problems, we investigated whether Vero may be set to replace Instagram for creatives and we took a deep dive into Droga5’s powerful campaign demonstrating the trustworthiness and reliability of The New York Times. And, in perhaps the biggest news story of this year, Tommy Cash pitched a bread bun sofa – the ‘Loafa’ – to Ikea. Wait what?

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