Liv Siddall

Liv joined It’s Nice That as an intern in 2011 and worked across online, print, events and latterly Features Editor before leaving in May 2015.

  1. Main Art Some exciting new works by David Hockney on show at NY's Pace Gallery
  2. Main Publication Henrik Purienne and Frank Rocholl's "jet set hedonism" magazine, Mirage No.4
  3. Main1 Music Check out this brand new video for Panda Bear's Boys Latin
  4. Main Photography One of the best online photography journals out there, it's Accent Magazine 7
  5. Main1 Miscellaneous Cool, addictive site lets you compose film quote messages for your pals
  6. Main Illustration Funny watercolours of mundane scenes by Sarah-Louise Barbett
  7. Main Publication An interview with David Shrigley about his brilliant, enormous new book
  8. Main Opinion Isn't it time the world of illustration had a bit of a kick up the arse?
  9. Main Publication Anyone who's into Ghost World will love Aisha Franz's Earthling
  10. Main9 Illustration Stylish, retro editorial illustration by Koji Tomoto by AKA Cozy Tomato
  11. Main Publication Beautiful book documents the views out of famous writers' windows
  12. 14 Graphic Design Check out hyper cool French Canadian design collective, Charmant & Courtois
  13. Main Music A man cavorting around the British countryside in a watermelon costume
  14. Main Behind The Scenes Leith Clark on women, age and publishing in The Violet Book Issue 2
  15. Main Uncategorized — Jeremy Deller, Clip Art and the It's Nice That annual in this week's podcast
  16. Main Publication Miranda July auctions objects mentioned in her brand new novel
  17. List Behind The Screens Tim Noakes of Dazed talks about the website's past, present and future
  18. List Behind The Screens The editor of MR PORTER talks online content and commissioning artists
  19. Main15 Behind The Screens An interview with Booooooom founder Jeff Hamada on the state of art blogging
  20. Main12 Behind The Screens An interview with the editor of Pitchfork, Brandon Stosuy
  21. Main12 Behind The Screens Where print meets digital – In praise of The New Yorker's Cover Story feature
  22. Main56 Behind The Screens An interview with kings of satirical online journalism, The Daily Mash
  23. Main15 Film Beautiful Frieze film explores Glasgow's artistic past, present and future
  24. Main1 Miscellaneous Life hacks ridiculed via the guys over at Stupid Hackathon
  25. Nowness Behind The Screens We asked the NOWNESS team to select their all time fave bits of content
  26. Main Film Tom Gould goes behind the scenes in New Zealand's oldest strip club
  27. Main Exhibition Check out Jordy van den Nieuwendijk's New York solo show, WET!
  28. Main Behind The Screens An interview with the wonderful Freunde von Freunden founder, Frederik Frede
  29. Main Behind The Screens An interview with the founder of belligerent image blog, Brown Cardigan
  30. Main12 Web This tremendous site shows us where art actually happens
  31. Main3 Behind The Screens We ask five top website editors and founders why they love online publishing
  32. Main1 Illustration Bendik Kaltenborn's back catalogue of Todd Terje record sleeves
  33. Main2 Film Adult Swim's latest film that everyone's talking about, Too Many Cooks
  34. Main Photography Jamie Hawkesworth’s shots of a hunt for a rare, Vietnamese cacao bean
  35. Main Friday Mixtape An interview AND a mixtape from Leeds psych band Hookworms!
  36. Main Behind The Scenes BEAT magazine editor Hanna Hanra on her title and the state of the music press
  37. Mp Exhibition Mike Perry sweeps into town with two nude shows!
  38. Main Photography Ambient New York street photos with the backgrounds removed
  39. Main Film Handsome Frank's lovely film explores the work of Jean Jullien
  40. Main Illustration Charming, stylish GIFs and drawings from the ever-talented Jack Cunningham
  41. Main Illustration Meet friendly Belgian illustration collective, Tieten Met Haar
  42. Main Animation The much-anticipated new episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
  43. Main1 Exhibition Highlights of the absolutely fantastic Graphic Design Festival Scotland
  44. Main-mixtape Friday Mixtape A spooky 1960s Halloween mixtape for all you freaks out there!
  45. Main Miscellaneous An incredibly enjoyable Halloween-themed Windows 93 simulator
  46. Main Studio Audience Podcast This week we chat girls in graphic design and Graphic Design Festival Scotland
  47. Main Back To School Phil Cleaver's highlights from What They Didn't Teach You In Design School
  48. Main Behind The Scenes Apartamento magazine founder Omar Sosa speaks about the brand new issue
  49. Main1 Behind The Scenes Fascinating interview with art editor of the Paris Review, Charlotte Strick
  50. Main Film Nice film shows artists Ana Kras and Devendra Banhart in their shared studio
  51. Main Back To School Why photographer Carl Kleiner is glad he didn't go to art school
  52. Main Miscellaneous New game lets you spend a day in the life of a slice of bread
  53. Main Back To School Rebecca Wright on the ratio of girls with design degrees vs. those in the industry
  54. Main Music OK GO are back with their most ambitious music video yet
  55. Main Back To School Magculture founder Jeremy Leslie speaks about being a fresher at LCC in 1981
  56. Main1 Back To School Why art school was not for me, and may not be for you, by Francesca Jane Allen
  57. Main Advertising New ad features Danny from The Shining tricycling around a dark, empty IKEA...
  58. Main Back To School Some absolute corkers here in King Zog's best and worst uni projects
  59. Main Photography Quietly powerful portraits by up-and-coming photographer Maya Fuhr
  60. Main Graphic Design Excellent graphic work from Julien Ducourthial aka The Jazzist
  61. Main Friday Mixtape An entirely art-themed mix to accompany your week of art fairs
  62. Main Miscellaneous Strangely pleasing photographs of log flumes with no passengers
  63. Main_15.08.13 Photography Cute boys and puppies alert! Check out these snaps by Philippe Jarrigeon
  64. Main Studio Audience Podcast Iggy Pop, Frieze, brand names and paper aeroplane guns in this week's pod
  65. Main Exhibition An interview with Frieze Director Victoria Siddall about this year's fairs
  66. Main Miscellaneous Man designs a gun that folds and shoots paper aeroplanes
  67. Main Back To School Guardian writer Stuart Heritage looks back on his time as a fresher
  68. Main1 Bookshelf Graphic novelist Matilda Tristram shows us her five favourite books
  69. Main3 Back To School Ilona Gaynor tells us about her best and worst projects made at college
  70. Main2 Art Spooky scenes from crayon expert and artist Matthias Geisler
  71. Main Photography Irregular portraiture from young New York photographer Eric Chakeen
  72. Wemain Weekender Some reading material and eye-candy for your weekend, it's The Weekender
  73. Main Back To School Drawings by illustrator Kyle Platts when he was 12 years old at school
  74. Main Studio Audience Podcast Floating cycle lanes, A Butlins redesign and new Twin Peaks in Studio Audience
  75. Main Miscellaneous Blog captures people at Boiler Room having a REALLY great time
  76. Main Back To School Photographer Maya Fuhr looks back on being a college fresher
  77. Main Opinion It's Nice That's top tips to make the most out of art school!
  78. Main Behind The Scenes Nick Rees photographs ice cold drinks for big brands, using no CGI
  79. Main2 Back To School Kev F Sutherland tells us about drawing The Bash Street Kids for the Beano
  80. Main Animation Hilarious animation sees a bunch of odd creatures experiment with online dating