Liv Siddall

Liv joined It’s Nice That as an intern in 2011 and worked across online, print, events and latterly Features Editor before leaving in May 2015.

  1. Main Bookshelf The Bookshelf of London-Based printers/publishers/creatives Hato Press
  2. Main Publication An exciting, totally nuts new publication, meet Scamp Magazine
  3. Main Back To School We speak to Mark Draisey about his photos of British public schools
  4. Main Illustration Fantastic printed gig posters from Dutch illustration student Douwe Dijkstra
  5. Main Friday Mixtape A Mean Girls-themed mixtape from Wonderland Magazine!
  6. Main1 Photography Blommers & Schumm's perfect, retro shoot for POP magazine
  7. Main Publication King Zog's funny new self-explanatory publication, Tracing Emin
  8. Main1 The List Five of the best Freunde von Freunden interviews
  9. Main1 Photography Cara Robbins' portraits of a new music scene reminiscent of a bygone era
  10. Main6 Photography Stunning behind-the-scenes stills of music videos by Joyce Kim
  11. Main Graphic Design Happy graphic design from New York's Javas Lehn Studio
  12. Main1 Photography Love these totally extravagant daily selfies from Mike Mellia
  13. Main Photography Spirited updates from spectacular 20-year-old photographer Olivia Bee
  14. Main Graphic Design Ramadan-inspired typography by Kenzi Benabdallah
  15. Main Friday Mixtape A book-themed mix to celebrate the London and New York Art Book Fairs!
  16. Main Photography Photographs of places in the UK with "paradise" in the title
  17. Main The List The top five books of editors of Vice, i-D, Dazed, The Believer and Riposte
  18. Main23 Illustration Distant lands and sci-fi cartoons from French illustrator Singeon
  19. Main Music Ambient, hypnotic new video from psych/noise band Hookworms
  20. Main Behind The Scenes Nomadic photographer John Kilar on travelling around America's festivals
  21. Main Film The story behind The Rig Out's nostalgic new promo film for Reebok Classics
  22. Main Illustration Outdoorsy illustration by Colorado artist Brian Edward Miller
  23. Main Behind The Scenes Incredible photographs of The Clash and the Beastie Boys by Josh Cheuse
  24. Main Fashion Spectacular new collection from Montreal-based designer Josh Reim
  25. Main Advertising Mechanical fairground-themed promo film for Reasons to be Creative festival
  26. Main1 Bookshelf The top five books of Dazed and Confused Editor, Isabella Burley
  27. Main Photography Gustav Almestål dunks famous composers' busts in vats of beer!
  28. Main2 Graphic Design Fantastic new solo work from Diogo Potes of Alva Alva Studio
  29. Main Film The DuckTales opening credits, with actual ducks
  30. Mainmix Friday Mixtape An Americana-themed mix to celebrate the new issue of Printed Pages!
  31. Mainb Publication A peek at Patrick Kyle's new publication Distance Mover
  32. Main Studio Audience Podcast Get ready, it's a new episode of the It's Nice That weekly podcast!
  33. Main10 Behind The Scenes An interview with Alister Mackie about his latest AnOther Magazine cover
  34. Main1 Animation Rami Niemi explains how beans turn into farts for Men's Health
  35. Main Music Incredible interactive website for Ty Segall's new single Manipulator
  36. Main Opinion The It's Nice That team put together their ideal art and design-related play
  37. Main Publication Seatbelts and sunglasses on, the new KENZINE is inspired by David Lynch
  38. Main Music Spectacular Escher-like new Metronomy video shot in the Barbican
  39. Main Behind The Scenes Illustrator Jack Hudson tells us the story behind the new Computer Arts cover
  40. Main9 My Favourite Music Video Simon Penochet chooses a Scissor Sisters video by CANADA
  41. Main9 Art Sexual, chuckle-worthy paintings by Amelie von Wulffen
  42. Main Friday Mixtape A seasonal mixtape containing the best 12 songs about autumn
  43. Main Studio Audience Podcast A brand new episode of our weirdly good podcast, Studio Audience
  44. Gwmain The List To celebrate their tenth issue, here are our top five Gentlewoman interviews
  45. Main1 Behind The Scenes We interview the editor of about the game-changing redesign
  46. Main Opinion Should we be so upset about the loss of MSN Messenger?
  47. Main Illustration Cosmic fantasy artwork by Jesse Fillingham
  48. Main Music Maegan Houang's terrifying and gory new music video for Chastity Belt
  49. Main3 Graphic Design The guy behind some of the best current music artwork, SEEN Studio
  50. Mixmain Friday Mixtape A Friday mix from one of London's fastest rising stars Ella Eyre
  51. Mjmain Publication Incredible book of Dawn Mellor's teenage drawings of Michael Jackson
  52. Main Animation A bunch of grueseome GIFs from animator Mattis Dovier
  53. Main Illustration Go dancing in the street with brilliant French illustrator Yann Kebbi
  54. Main Miscellaneous Arthur Russell's Wild Combination crossed with The Muppet Movie
  55. Main Bookshelf The top five books of European managing editor of Vice, Bruno Bayley
  56. Main Photography Utterly brilliant and exciting editorial photography from Anna Victoria Best
  57. Mainmix Friday Mixtape Bradley Zero has made us a very special Carnival-themed mix
  58. Tumblr_n4iq1a8swj1qdf776o1_1280 Graphic Design Unadulterated joy courtesy of Hungarian graphic designer Anna Kövecses
  59. Main Studio Audience Podcast Hospital art, pseudonyms and the best jokes ever in this week's podcast
  60. Main Music Check out this hilarious new White Fence video set in prison
  61. Main Art Wonderful fantasy by Keegan McHargue to celebrate his new Nieves zine
  62. Main Opinion How do you think It's Nice That should feature music? Comments welcome
  63. Haim Music Haim release celeb-studded, chat show-themed new music video
  64. Main8 Graphic Design Torsten Lindsø Andersen's redesign of Jack Kerouac's back catalogue
  65. Main Photography Photos of pizza in the wild by photographer Jonpaul Douglass
  66. Main My Favourite Music Video 1990s photography hero Ewen Spencer on his favourite music video by R.E.M
  67. Main9 Graphic Design Happy clocks and record sleeves from Joe Cole Porter
  68. Main Friday Mixtape Entirely unmissable mixtape from podcast kings the Shock World Service
  69. Main Miscellaneous Welcome to Datamath, the online calculator museum
  70. Main Illustration Stylish, timeless, and witty illustration from the wonderful Gwendal le Bec
  71. Main9 Behind The Scenes Backstage at every amazing festival ever with photographer Pooneh Ghana
  72. Main Studio Audience Podcast Kim Kardashian's selfie book, Roald Dahl and more in this week's Studio Audience
  73. Main67 Photography An in-depth interview with Corinne Day's agent and friend, Susie Babchick
  74. Main Animation Naughty summer animation with a twist, check out Cream Tease
  75. Main Photography Excellent photographs championing the power of girls by Jeff Boudreau
  76. Main9 Graphic Design More banging work from French design studio Alles Gut
  77. Main1 My Favourite Music Video Connan Mockasin tells us about his favourite music video
  78. Main9_11.27.27 Photography Beautiful blog allows photographers to submit photos of people they truly love
  79. Main Friday Mixtape A fantastic Friday mix from Lianne La Havas
  80. Main8 Music Amazing new Bill Callahan video directed by his wife Hanly Banks