Bryony Quinn

Bryony was It’s Nice That’s first ever intern and worked her way up to assistant online editor before moving on to pursue other interests in the summer of 2012.

  1. Gardar-eyjolfsson Product Design DesignMarch: Gardar Eyjolfsson
  2. Takashi-small Graphic Design Takashi Akiyama
  3. Callum-cooper-small Film Callum Cooper
  4. Playtime Architecture DesignMarch: KRADS
  5. Designmarch Graphic Design DesignMarch
  6. Hepworth-wakefield Architecture Great British Galleries: Hepworth Wakefield
  7. Eve-arnold-small Publication Stuart Smith: All About Eve
  8. Galy-tots-ken-garland-small What's On What's On: Galy Tots
  9. Richard-hollis-small What's On What's On: Richard Hollis
  10. Adriaan-mellegers-small Graphic Design Adriaan Mellegers
  11. Pitch-black-heist Film Pitch Black Heist
  12. Bertjan-pot-small Product Design Studio Bertjan Pot: Masks
  13. Small Photography Ward Roberts: Courts
  14. Small Furniture Design Studio Dohoon: Tension Bentwood
  15. Turner-contemporary Architecture Great British Galleries: Turner Contemporary
  16. Small Photography John Cyr: Developer Trays
  17. Be-small Writing Bookshelf: Benjamin Eastham
  18. Things_small Film Michael Gaskell: Moonrise Kingdom
  19. Nand Product Design Resonate Festival 2012: Studio NAND
  20. Small Illustration Denis Carrier
  21. Small Photography Christopher Jonassen: Devour
  22. Shalom Film Resonate Festival 2012: Gabriel Shalom
  23. Small Publication Ryan Cecil Smith
  24. Small Film Doug Aitken: SONG 1
  25. Small What's On What's On: Antiquity Bonk
  26. Ogilvy-small Events Ogilvy Notes: SXSW 2012
  27. Thomas-demand-small Art Thomas Demand
  28. Sylvia Film Beginnings: Sylvia Whitman
  29. Furever Film Furever
  30. Mobeius Illustration Jean Giraud: 1938 - 2012
  31. Resonate Miscellaneous Resonate Festival 2012
  32. Dbbookshelf-small Film Bookshelf: Daniel Brereton
  33. Gregorycrewesdon Film SXSW Film Festival: Brief Encounters
  34. Small Photography Bjoern Ewers: Instruments from the Inside
  35. Beautyisembarrassing Film SXSW Film Festival: Beauty is Embarrassing
  36. Cigar Miscellaneous Cigar Box Labels
  37. Studio Graphic Design Studio Laucke Siebein
  38. Andrea-small Illustration Andrea Manzati
  39. Monocle Publication Monocle: the first five years
  40. Small Graphic Design Ruslan Khasanov
  41. Micahel-small Art Michael DeLucia
  42. Lauren Photography Lauren Lancaster: Super Tuesday
  43. Eric-hu-small Graphic Design Eric Hu: Spirits
  44. Jas Art Joshua Abelow
  45. Forma Animation Quayola & Memo: Forms
  46. Glitch-textiles-small Product Design Phillip Stearn: Glitch Textiles
  47. Small Art Max Parsons and Jack Featherstone: Loop
  48. Bigeasyexpress Film SXSW Film Festival: BIG EASY EXPRESS
  49. Sxsw Film SXSW Film Festival
  50. Mk-small Miscellaneous Marcel Kronenburg: Carpets for Buildings
  51. Ny Product Design Dukno Yoon: Wings
  52. Tgsmall Bookshelf Bookshelf: Tom Gauld
  53. Closer Film Canary Wharf Screen: Dryden Goodwin
  54. Hiut-denim_small Fashion Hiut Denim
  55. Fm-small Graphic Design Fanette Mellier
  56. Nm_small Animation Student of the Month: Nicolas Ménard
  57. Small Fashion JF & Son
  58. Into-the-fold Exhibition What's On: Into the Fold
  59. Deller-small What's On What's On: Jeremy Deller - Joy in People
  60. Sl_small Graphic Design Susanã Londono
  61. Bs-small Art Berndnaut Smilde
  62. Tm Art Thomas Mailaender
  63. Marcus-coates Film Canary Wharf Screen: Marcus Coates
  64. Michiel Graphic Design Michiel Schuurman
  65. Jake-chessum Photography Jake Chessum
  66. Cbs Publication Bookshelf: Christiane Bördner
  67. Bidoun Publication Millenium Magazines: Bidoun Magazine
  68. Doublegstudio Film Double G Studios
  69. Heydays Graphic Design Heydays: M. Wolland
  70. Alicja-kwade What's On What's On: Alicja Kwade - In Circles
  71. Small Art Bastien Aubry & Dimitri Broquard
  72. Petra_small What's On What's On: Void Mastery / Blank Control
  73. Nott-small Illustration News of the Times
  74. Cdb_small Graphic Design Côme de Bouchony
  75. 1 Publication Inventory: David Shrigley - Brain Activity
  76. Nathalie-du-pasquier-small Product Design Nathalie du Pasquier
  77. Small What's On What's On: Rineke Dijkstra
  78. Cabinet Publication Millennium Magazines: Cabinet Magazine
  79. Penelope-small Photography Penelope Umbrico
  80. Rr_small Bookshelf Bookshelf: Rob Ryan